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Business Fraud Prevention Tips

Protect your business.


  • Use a different password for each site or system that you access.
  • Change your passwords on a regular basis and choose passwords that are difficult to guess.  Include punctuation or special characters, numbers and upper and lower case letters when creating a password.
  • Do not write down your password.  Memorize it.
  • Protect all company computers and devices with user names or passwords.  Establish timeout parameters for inactivity.
  • Do not share user names or passwords.
  • Do not allow your browser to save your password.


  • Please remember that many email systems are not secure.  Encrypt any email containing sensitive data, including your account number, login credentials or other sensitive account information.  For Business Online Banking users, sensitive information can be securely shared with Macatawa Bank through the Contact Us link within Online Banking.
  • Be alert for Phishing and Business Email Compromise schemes.
  • Be alert for fraudulent emails, even when they appear to be from a reputable source.
  • Do not open email attachments from unknown or unsolicited senders.
  • Be careful when clicking on a link in an email.  Even when it appears identical to the actual company’s website, it could be fraudulent.

Computer and Network Security 

  • Keep your Operating System up-to-date by checking for and installing updates on an automatic or regular basis.
  • Run anti-virus scans on a regular basis.  Ensure anti-virus definitions are updated on an automatic or regular basis.
  • Use a reputable network firewall.
  • Establish firewall security on your wireless network and all wireless enabled devices including printers.
  • Back-up the files on your computer regularly.  Keep back-ups secure and consider keeping two or more back-ups from various time intervals.

Internet Usage 

  • Keep your browser up-to-date by checking for and installing updates on an automatic or regular basis.
  • Verify the use of a secure session (security of a website) by noting the https, not http, in the browser’s web address bar and looking for the picture of the lock either next to the address bar or in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser.
  • Restrict employee Internet usage to sites and activities that are business related.
  • Leave any fraudulent website you may inadvertently visit as soon as you realize.  
  • Watch carefully for imitation websites, added fields or other changes to legitimate websites designed to trick you into giving out personal information.

Mobile Device Usage

  • Be aware when connected to WI-FI that is public and/or unsecured that you are more vulnerable to your Internet activity being intercepted by fraudsters. 
  • Protect all mobile devices with complex passwords.

Account Number/Check Security

  • Keep check stock secured and periodically audit your check stock inventory.
  • Utilize check stock with multiple security features such as watermarks, micro printing, thermal ink and chemically sensitive paper.
  • Do not include your full account number on your endorsement stamp.
  • Provide account ACH and/or Wire instructions to trusted parties only.
  • Practice safety when using an ATM and be alert for skimming 

Internal Controls

  • Restrict access of physical and electronic records to only those employees requiring access because of their job responsibilities.
  • Establish segregation of duties, set transaction limitations and impose a dual control environment.
  • Review and reconcile your accounts on a daily basis and report any suspicious activity to Macatawa Bank immediately.
  • Require each employee to sign an acknowledgement of your employee handbook and include provisions in the handbook that specify responsibilities and expectations around proper usage of company assets, protection of company information and reporting of unethical or suspicious activity.

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