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Overdraft Protection

Mistakes happen.  Are you covered?

Get the overdraft protection you need when spending outpaces your checking account balance.

Every now and then all of us run into a situation when the money we are spending at a given moment is more than we have available.  At Macatawa Bank we understand that mistakes happen.  For those instances, we offer overdraft protection options to save you from the embarrassment, additional merchant fees or other problems that might result from being overdrawn on your checking account.

Balance Protection

Today we can access our money anytime and anywhere through electronic payment options.  Balance Protection links your Macatawa Bank personal checking account to another Macatawa Bank account – such as a personal savingsmoney market or another checking account Balance Protection automatically transfers available funds to cover purchases and prevent declined transactions if you do not have enough money in your personal checking account.
Here’s How Easy Balance Protection Works:

Balance Protection is a service that links your personal checking account to one of your alternate deposit accounts to cover overdrafts.  Your alternate linked account may include your personal savings, money market or other checking accounts.
When your personal checking account does not have sufficient funds to cover your transaction, funds are automatically transferred from your selected linked account to cover your transaction.  Funds will be transferred in increments of $100 (if less is available, then all remaining funds will be transferred) and a Balance Protection transfer fee will be assessed.
To learn more, please review our Balance Protection Authorization Agreement

Why Have Balance Protection Services On Your Account?

  • Easy to enroll and setup
  • Provides peace of mind & flexibility when you need to make a purchase
  • Helps prevent declined transactions
  • Transfer fee assessed only when you use it

Just give us a call at 877.820.2265 or stop by the branch location nearest you. 

Overdraft Privilege*

Overdraft Privilege is an easy way to avoid that momentary insufficient balance. It is a discretionary service designed to help prevent your insufficient funds items from being returned or declined. With Overdraft Privilege, we have the discretion to cover your overdrafts caused by checks, ACH debit transactions, in-person withdrawals or online banking transactions up to your Overdraft Privilege limit (including fees) if you inadvertently overdraw your account. When your items are paid, it can save you the embarrassment and inconvenience of a returned check or declined transaction and any additional fees normally charged by merchants for items returned to them.

  • Standard Coverage* Standard Overdraft Privilege covers checks and other types of debit transactions drawn against your checking account when they are denied due to non-sufficient funds.
  • Extended Coverage* Overdraft Privilege is not only available for checks and ACH debit transactions, but under your authorization, it also may be extended to cover your everyday Debit Card & ATM  transactions. To authorize us to extend your Overdraft Privilege to pay overdrafts on everyday Debit Card  transactions simply call 877.820.2265 or stop by the branch location nearest you.

Overdraft Privilege helps protect you against the additional costs, embarrassment, and inconvenience of an accidental overdraft on your account by giving you a reserve for emergencies and unexpected situations. There is no charge for having this discretionary privilege on your account unless you use the service. If you do not overdraw your account, you will never be charged an overdraft fee.

What Does It Cover?

Standard Coverage Includes:

  • Checks
  • ACH / Preauthorized Debit Transactions
  • Recurring Debit Transactions
  • In-Person Teller Withdrawals
  • Online or Telephone Transfers
  • Bill Pay Transactions

Extended Coverage Includes:

All of the items in Standard Coverage, plus:

  • ATM Card Withdrawals
  • Everyday Debit Card Transactions

Click here for a description of our overdraft practices (PDF) and the options that are available to you.

To authorize us to pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions simply call 877.820.2265 or stop by the branch location nearest you.

Why Have Overdraft Privilege On Your Account?

  • Convenience and flexibility in covering your payments
  • Less likely to incur expensive merchant returned checks
  • Avoid the embarrassment of a declined transaction
  • No additional fees for having this service if you do not use it
  • It protects your account against:
    • Unforeseen expenses that may drain your account
    • A delay in an expected deposit
    • Honest mistakes in balancing your checkbook

Click here if you would like to review our Overdraft Coverage Disclosure (PDF)


No Coverage

You can remove the discretionary Overdraft Privilege coverage entirely by contacting us at any time. This means if your checks or ACH debit transactions exceed the available balance in your account, they will be returned to the payee and you will be charged an overdraft fee in addition to whatever fees the merchant may charge you for items returned for insufficient funds. If you try to use your ATM or Debit Card and the amount of the transaction is more than your available balance, your transaction will be declined at the point of sale.

*Overdraft Privilege is subject to eligibility requirements and fees may apply. 

Depositor and each Authorized Signatory will continue to be liable, jointly and separately, for all overdraft and fee amounts, as described in your account Terms and Conditions.  The total (negative) balance, including all fees and charges, is due and payable on demand. 

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