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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our diversity delivers the brightest ideas. Our inclusion produces exceptional customer service.

How diversity, equity and inclusion impacts our business.

The mission of Macatawa Bank is to provide financial services in an exceptional manner for the mutual benefit of our customers, communities, employees and shareholders. We are committed to an inclusive culture that embraces, leverages and respects the diversity and equity of its workplace, community, and marketplace. We accomplish this by;


• Building an inclusive culture that appreciates the diversity of our people.  
• Attracting, developing, mentoring, providing development opportunities and retaining top talent representative of the communities we serve.
• Ensuring diversity and inclusion is understood, respected and valued by all employees. 
Macatawa Bank Career Opportunities


• Strengthening our reputation as a great company in the communities we serve.
• Giving back to the community by dedicating time, resources and sponsorships to local organizations. 
• Engaging in community activities through supporting economic development and financial education.


• Understanding the needs of our diverse communities and customer base.
• Delivering our products and services in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner to all we serve.
• Developing mutually beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers and strengthening economic development.

Service providers and vendors interested in future opportunities should submit a Vendor Qualification Form By clicking this link, you will open our Vendor Qualification Form.

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