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Fraud Alert texts

Get ahead of debit card fraud

Macatawa Bank helps you stay ahead of fraudulent debit card activity with our Fraud Alerts program. If you have a Macatawa Bank debit card and we have your cell phone number on record, you will automatically receive text messages from our new Debit Card Fraud Alerts program. There is no cost to join, no enrollment process, and plenty of benefits to keep you protected.

If we detect suspicious activity on your Macatawa Bank Debit Card, we will send you a text message. You simply reply YES or NO to let us know the validity of the suspicious charge, and we will either instantly reactivate your card OR freeze your card to protect you from further fraudulent transactions.

Macatawa Debit Card Fraud Alert. Did you attempt a transaction on card ending 1234 at XYZ store in Anytown, MI for $25.62? Reply Yes or No. To Opt Out STOP.

YES. FreeMSG Macatawa Debit Card Fraud Center 8772735740 Thank you for confirming this activity. You may continue to use your card. To Opt Out, STOP.

No. FreeMSG Macatawa Debit Card Fraud Center 8772735740 Your response has placed a block on the card.  Call us immediately at 877-273-5740.  To Opt Out, STOP.

Fraud Alert texts are "Free Messages" which means there is no charge to you, even from your cell phone carrier.  Fraud Alerts texts are only sent between 8am and 9pm. 

To ensure you receive Debit Card Fraud Alerts via text message you can confirm that we have your current cell phone number on file in one of three ways:

  1. Login to Online Banking and chat with us or send us a secure email message.
  2. Call our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265, Monday-Friday 7AM - 8PM or Saturday 8AM - 5PM
  3. Visit any of our 26 convenient branch locations.

Have questions?

We would be happy to help you with any questions. Call us at (877) 820-2265 or email us for assistance.

Fraud Text Alert FAQs

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*Normal text and data charges may apply.

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