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Online Banking Alerts

Stay in tune with your finances.

Want to receive updates and push notices on your account activity? Look no further, you can setup alerts inside of Online Banking to help track your spending, balances, transactions and more. When you create an alert, you specify the conditions that trigger the alert and how you want to receive the alert.

Setting up alerts

In just a few short steps you can set up Account Alerts, History Alerts and Online Transaction Alerts. To create an alert, simply go to Online Services in the menu, then select Alerts. In the drop down, select the New Alert and alert type that you want to create, enter the required information to set up the alert and select the Create Alert button. Once an alert is setup, it takes effect immediately and stays in effect until you disable or delete it. You may alter the delivery method of each alert you setup individually by clicking the edit button under the alert.

Key Security Alerts are built into the system and automatically delivered to your primary email address. If you would like to edit the delivery method of your Security Alerts, you can find that in the “Edit Delivery Preferences” link under the Security Alerts. You’ll also find additional preconfigured Security Alert options there that can be quickly and easily enabled.

Enable or Disable Push Notifications

If you want Push Notifications as the delivery method for any of your alerts, you'll first need to allow Push Notifications on your device.  
In the navigation menu, select Online Services and then Push Notifications.  Select Enable Notifications and follow any additional device prompts. 

Enable or Disable an existing alert

If you need to enable or disable existing alerts, you can do so in a few short steps. Note: For account safety some security alerts cannot be disabled.

  1. In the navigation menu, select Online Services > Alerts.
  2. Once on the Alerts page, locate the existing alert you would like to edit, then do one of the following in the right hand column:
    • Select toggle switch to disable the alert -- it should show a grey X
    • Select toggle switch to enable the alert, it should show a blue checkmark

Setting up a failed transfer alert example

  1. Navigate to Online Services and select the +New Alert button.
  2. Choose Online Transaction Alert.
  3. In the Transactions field choose Internal or External transfer (whichever type you set up).
  4. Next in the Account field choose the account you want the alert on.
  5. Finally in the Status field choose Failed.

You can also use this model to set up other transfer alerts such as processed, authorized, etc.

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