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Quick Pay

A loan payment option available to our lending customers who do not currently have a Macatawa Bank deposit account.

Pay with Quick Pay

To complete a payment using Quick Pay, you will need:

  • Bank routing number for debit account 
  • Bank account number for debit account 
  • Loan Number 
  • Email address

Quick Pay FAQs

Q: What kind of loan payments can I make using Quick Pay?
A: Quick Pay will accept payments for active consumer, mortgage, equity and commercial loans that are made from another bank. Payments will be accepted and credited on business days, which are defined as days on which Macatawa Bank offices are open to the public for all of our business functions, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays. Payments received on a Saturday, Sunday or Federal Holiday will be credited the next business day.

Q: The payment amount due is different than my normal payment, why?
A: Quick Pay displays the total payment amount that is due. It includes all fees that are owed in addition to your normal payment.

Q: Why does my Line of Credit display a payment amount of zero?
A:  Quick Pay may display a payment amount of zero for lines of credit. This is an indication the loan statement for the current monthly has not yet been created. A payment amount will be displayed once your loan statement has been created.  

Q: How often can I make a payment using Quick Pay?
A: You may only make a payment once every 7 days.
Additional payments can be made:
By mail: Macatawa Bank ATTN: Loan Servicing PO BOX 1859 Holland MI 49422-1849 Please allow 5 to 9 days for delivery and processing.
By phone: (877) 820-2265 or (616) 820-1444 Monday- Friday 7am – 8pm and Saturday 8am – 5pm
In branch: View our convenient branch locations.  

Q: Do I have to be a registered user to use Quick Pay?
A:  You can use the secure system as a registered user or as a guest.

Q: What is the benefit of being a registered user?
A: As a registered user, you may save all account information in Quick Pay when your account is set up.  You can also set up one time or recurring payments.

Q: I can't access the system, how can I make my payment?
A: You can make a payment by mail (send to Macatawa Bank PO Box 3119, Holland MI 49422-3119). If mailing, please allow 5 - 9 days for delivery and processing.  By phone (877) 820-2265 Monday - Friday 7am-8pm and Saturdays 8am-5pm or stop by any of our convenient branch locations.  

Q: Where do I locate transaction history for my loan?
A: Loan history can be obtained by contacting the branch, accessing online banking or calling our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265.

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