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Macatawa Bank Corporate Offices
10753 Macatawa Drive
Holland, MI 49424

Mailing address
PO Box 3119
Holland, MI 49422-3119

Human Resources
(616) 494-1417
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Administration Office
(616) 494-7644 - fax


Service Center
(877) 820-2265 or (616) 820-1444
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am-2pm

24 Hour MACLine
(877) 622-5700
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Online Banking Support
(800) 459-4801
Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 8am - 2pm


Retail Lending / Mortgages
(616) 393-0583
(616) 393-6391 - fax
(616) 393-2013 - fax

Commercial Lending
(616) 820-1438
(616) 820-1025 - fax


Lost or Stolen Debit Cards
To report a lost or stolen debit card, please immediately call:
(877) 820-2265.

For debit card fraud concerns, please call our Service Center at (877) 820-2265.  For all other fraud concerns, please use the link below. 
Click here to report fraud

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General account requests

How do I transfer money between my accounts?

You can transfer funds between accounts several different ways

  • Within online banking using the ‘transfer’ tab

  • At any Macatawa Bank ATM if you have your accounts tied to your card

  • Call MacLine, our 24-hour automated phone banking system, at (877) 622-5700

  • Call our Service Center for assistance at (877) 820-2265 during business hours

Where can I find my account balance?

  1. View your “Quick Balance” in our Mobile Banking app

  2. Login to Online Banking

  3. Visit a Macatawa Bank ATM

  4. Call our 24-hour automated MacLine at (877) 622-5700

  5. Call our Service Center at (877) 820-2265 during business hours

How do I review transactions on my account in between statements?

View transactions through Online Banking, by calling MacLine our 24-hour automated phone banking system at (877) 622-5700, or call our Service Center at (877) 820-2265 during business hours.

Where can I find my account number?

Personal Online Banking

  • Electronic Statements

    • Click on your account, choose Documents, choose the date range and click submit. The account number will be at the top of all statements.

    • Click on a check in your transaction listing and your account number is at the bottom of your check.

    • Click on a Mobile Deposit in your transaction listing and see your account number in the Deposit Made To area.
  • Checks Cleared

  • Mobile Deposits
Other Places

  • Paper Statements

  • Checks or Deposit Tickets (include link to Routing Number page)

  • Account Opening Paperwork

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Debit Cards

How do I activate my debit / ATM card?

With your card in hand, call our automated card service at (866) 661-8548, or call our Service Center during business hours at (877) 820-2265.

How do I let you know that I am traveling so my Debit Card will work while I’m away?

Call our Service Center at (877) 820-2265.

I need my Debit Card limit increased. How do I do that?

Request a temporary increase by calling our Service Center during business hours at (877) 820-2265.

My Debit Card transaction was denied. Why?

Our Service Center is happy to help you. Please call (877) 820-2265 during business hours.

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Online Banking

I’m locked out of my Online Banking. How do I get unlocked?

Our Service Center is available to help you during business hours at (877) 820-2265.

I forgot my Online Banking password. How do I get help?

If you get an error message that you entered your credentials incorrectly, please click on the ‘Did you forget your password?’ link. You will receive a new password via email. Remember that you only have 5 attempts before you will be locked out. Our Service Center will be happy to assist you during business hours at (877) 820-2265.

Why do I have to change my password so often?

Your login credentials keep you safe from unwanted access to your accounts. We take your online security very seriously. Changing your password frequently reduces the chance for a security breach and keeps your financial information safe.

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