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Let us know when you are traveling

Macatawa Bank believes it is critical to protect your privacy and take preventive measures to keep your identity and finances safe and secure, while keeping things relatively simple and convenient for you to use.

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in identity theft and fraud related to the use of debit cards, particularly by out-of-state and international perpetrators. Most card issuing companies decline transactions if they do not follow certain patterns of usage based on past transaction history.

Before you travel, notify the Bank and request a travel notice be placed on your debit card for the duration of your trip. If we are not aware that you are traveling, certain transactions may be declined on your debit card.

If you are planning to make an online purchase with an international vendor, notify the Bank and request an international use notice be placed on your debit card.

By informing the Bank of your travel and/or purchase plans, we will work with MasterCard to ensure that you are able to use your debit card without the fear of having your transactions declined.

You may notify us by stopping into any branch during normal business hours or calling our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265. Thank you for your continued banking relationship with Macatawa Bank.

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