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Product, Sales, Onboarding and Customer Service on One Team

Macatawa Bank has one of the largest and most experienced Treasury Management teams in West Michigan.  We leverage our experience and our technology to offer best in class treasury management. Our team ensures: 

  • The latest innovations in banking and financial services
  • Local, knowledgeable, and empowered sales and customer service 
  • Ability to customize cash flow solutions by leveraging our local IT and Deposit Operations teams

Our structure ensures that the Treasury team at Macatawa Bank continues to develop products and services based on the actual needs of our customers and the feedback they provide.  

Explore our Treasury solutions and let us put together the perfect package of services to move your organization ahead. Complete the form below and one of our Treasury Management specialists will contact you.

Glenn Getschow

Glenn Getschow

Government Banking/Treasury Mgmt Manager, VP

P: (616) 399-7770
F: (616) 396-7849

Kristin Timmer

Kristin Timmer

Commercial Deposit & TM Product Manager, VP

P: (616) 494-7658
F: (616) 396-7849

Rebecca Kamp

Rebecca Kamp

Treasury Management Sales Representative II, VP

P: (616) 361-6217
F: (616) 396-7849

Robin Bruins

Robin Bruins

Treasury Management Sales Analyst Senior

P: (616) 494-1450
F: (616) 396-7849

Leah Schierbeek

Leah Weesies

Treasury Management Sales Analyst Senior

P: (616) 233-3459
F: (616) 396-7849
NMLS ID:1655025

Sydney Evans

Sydney Helbich

Treasury Management Sales Analyst

P: (616) 233-3427
F: (616) 396-7849

Treasury Management Client Services

Samantha Pnstein

Samantha Ponstein

Electronic Banking Specialist

P: (616) 494-1455
F: (616) 396-7849

Jacob Paver

Jacob Paver

Electronic Banking Specialist

P: (616) 494-1455
F: (616) 396-7849

Amy Springstead

Amy Springstead

Electronic Banking Specialist

P: (616) 494-1455
F: (616) 396-7849

Susie Chrisman

Susie Chrisman

Electronic Banking Specialist

P: (616) 494-1455
F: (616) 396-7849


Dollar sign going into a computer ACH Collection Services1

Safely and Efficiently Process your Receivables

Our secure web-based ACH Collection Services allow your organization to collect funds from individuals and businesses on a one-time or recurring basis – customer payments, association or membership dues, charitable contributions, rent payments, etc. With ACH Collection Services you can schedule collections to better plan your cash flow and offer greater convenience to your customers. Leveraging ACH for recurring funds you collect will reduce your administrative time by automating the collection process both for you and your customer.
  • One time or recurring transactions
  • Easy to use/retrieve templates
  • Integrated payor email notification
  • Dual approval and other user permission options
  • Multiple import options including csv and NACHA
ACH Collections can also be sent via direct transmission using NACHA-formatted files generated by your software.

Signed check illustration Remote Deposit Capture Services

Turn your Office into the Bank

Our secure web-based Remote Deposit Capture Services allow your organization to use a specialized scanner to make check deposits from the convenience of your office. With Remote Deposit Capture you save time and reduce risk by no longer having to transport your deposit to the bank. Remote Deposit Capture also offers a built-in image repository and deposit reporting to streamline your research and reconciliation processes.
  • Easy to scan, review and correct checks
  • Multiple reporting options and formats
  • Memo fields to capture deposit/check details pertinent to your needs
  • Dual approval and other user permission options
  • Several supported scanner options
If you receive checks on the go or deposit a small number of checks each month, you may benefit from our Mobile Deposit service. This service utilizes your mobile phone to process your check deposits.

Money Envelope with arrow coming out Lockbox Services

High tech. High touch.
Leverage a West Michigan Address

Macatawa Bank’s Lockbox Service provides your organization with a West Michigan Post Office Box to which your customers mail their payments – the local PO Box supports your local business image. The Bank handles the entire receivables process for you, from mail collection, processing and imaging, to depositing and reporting. Deposits are made the same day to your account, and payment data and images are available for online review and electronic posting. An image archive system provides electronic storage for convenient information retrieval.

Retail Lockbox
Expedite collections and automate posting for retailers, utilities, municipalities and other organizations with high volume, low dollar consumer payments.

Wholesale Lockbox
Streamline collections of low volume, high dollar payments and leverage enhanced data/image capture of associated remittance information.

Wholetail Lockbox
Blend the benefits of retail and wholesale lockboxes to garner the automation, speed and efficiency of a retail lockbox, while meeting the specialized processing requirements of a wholesale lockbox.

Truck driving Courier Service 

Save Time
We’ll run to the bank

You’re busy running your business. You may not have the time to run to the bank. Let us do the driving so you can stay focused on moving your organization ahead. With Courier Service, our reliable and professional couriers will come to you, and deliver your deposits to the bank for same day processing. Banking items and cash deposits2 are picked up directly from your place of business, Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays). Our couriers will deliver your deposits to the nearest Macatawa Bank branch or a centralized processing center in a sealed, tamper-evident bag to ensure same-day processing of items.

Coin and Currency Deposits and Orders1
Our branch locations can provide the flexibility your organization needs to handle most currency and coin deposits and orders. If you use an armored courier or for more extensive coin and currency needs, our Vault Services offer your organization secure and efficient deposit and order solutions.

Credit Card ScannerMerchant Services1

Go beyond the basics with a
comprehensive payments solution. 

There’s no business quite like yours. Don’t accept off-the-shelf merchant services. You can adapt to market and customer demands in order to grow your organization. We can provide ways to differentiate your brand from your competitors and rise above status quo.

Macatawa Bank offers you comprehensive Merchant Services Solutions that go beyond the basics through our partnership with Vantiv. For more information or to request a quote, please complete the form below to be connected with a local Treasury Management expert.


Mobile payment acceptance

Isn’t it time your cash register did more than just ring up a sale? Ask us about our affordable, tablet-based, cloud-connected mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution. Manage inventory, track sales, market to customers and process sales – anytime, anywhere. Or, download our mobile app and combine it with our mobile card reader so you can quickly and securely swipe any U.S.-issued credit, debit or prepaid card for processing on a smartphone or tablet. This product is perfect for small and medium-size businesses that do cash and check transactions today, but would benefit from the ability to accept card payments at the time of service.

Electronic check services

You can offer several electronic check processing options that provide real-time authorizations and fewer check-processing hassles. Check services that can help you:
  • Reduce the risk of fraud, returned checks, and non-sufficient funds notifications.
  • Reduce check processing costs.
  • Increase back-office efficiencies

Recurring payment solutions

As a transaction, recurring payments let cardholders authorize you to periodically bill their payment card for recurring goods or services.

PCI Assist

Our merchant services partner Vantiv has partnered with Trustwave®, an industry leader in information security and compliance, to help you simplify the process with PCI Assist. PCI Assist walks you through the process step by step and provides tools and best practices to help keep your business secure.


Tokenization replaces card data with a substitute value—a token—that is useless to criminals who may be attempting to steal data. Tokenization helps eliminate the storage of card data to reduce the risk of a data breach and protect merchants from financial and reputational harm.

Debit card acceptance

Customers appreciate the simplicity and convenience of debit cards. Enable these purchases with dependable, secure debit card services. Vantiv is the nation’s largest processor of online PIN debit transactions*, so you can take advantage of the infrastructure of a true payments leader.
*Source: The Nilson Report, March 2013

Gift card programs

Gift card programs can increase sales, improve cash flow, and project your brand. You’ll have access to a program with multiple transactions types, flexible program controls, and cardholder and merchant support features to ensure you get the most out of your gift card program.

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)

Support all EBT card forms – SNAP, Cash Benefit and WIC – using the same equipment and processing systems as you do for credit or debit, offering EBT cardholders complete point-of-sale convenience.

Breach Assist

No matter what steps you take, there is no such thing as 100 percent security. What if a breach were to occur? Our Breach Assist program protects you from certain financial losses that can result from a suspected or actual cardholder data breach at your business.

Credit card acceptance

Accept payment cards no matter what your customers use. You’ll have access to all of the major card networks, including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®. You can also process Fleet and Commercial cards – including Level II and Level III data transmission.

Online reporting capabilities

You’ll have access to a secure, online portal that helps you manage your accounts 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. It’s a quick, secure, easy-to-use tool that can help you reconcile merchant accounts, respond to chargeback notices, research customer transactions, and more.

Data security programs

We understand that card data security can be intimidating, especially for smaller merchants. Get peace of mind with our EMV (“Chip Card” or “Smart Card”) solutions, online data security tools, products and resources to help protect your business and your customers’ identities.


When it comes to mitigating security breaches, point to point data field encryption provides a solid layer of added protection. With state-of-the-art encryption technology, data is encrypted at the point of entry, making it unusable to thieves and hackers.

1Subject to approval.
2Daily deposits of $5,000 or less. If your cash deposit needs exceed this limitation, please complete the form below to talk to a Treasury Management expert about armored courier and Vault Services.

Money with arrows coming out of itDisbursement Solutions

Optimize your payments.

Your organization has many different payment types – from paying suppliers, utilities, and service providers to payroll to tax payments and more. Optimize your payments process with the right solution for each payment. Macatawa Bank’s Disbursement Solutions provide your organization secure, flexible and convenient options for domestic and international paper, electronic and card payments.

ACH Disbursement Services1
Our secure web-based ACH Disbursement Services allow your organization to direct deposit to employees, pay vendors electronically, remit Federal and state taxes, initiate contributions to HSAs and more. With ACH Disbursement Services you can schedule payments for their due date to maximize your cash flow, keep your account number private to limit your risk of fraud, and save the cost of postage, check stock and envelopes. You will have the peace of mind that your payment will not be lost or late due to mail theft or delivery delays.
  • One time or recurring transactions
  • Easy to use/retrieve templates
  • Integrated payee email notification
  • Dual approval and other user permission options
  • Multiple import options including csv and NACHA
ACH Disbursements can also be sent via direct transmission using NACHA-formatted files generated by your software.

Wire Transfer Services
Our secure web-based Wire Transfer Services allow your organization to send time sensitive, international or high value payments such as those for real estate closings, overseas suppliers, or equipment purchases.
  • Easy to use/retrieve templates
  • Dual approval and other user permission options
  • USD or foreign currency options
  • Various notification options
Wire Transfer Services may also be requested in-person at one of our convenient branch locations.

Please check out our Business Email Compromise information page for import information on protecting your organization from wire fraud.

Card Services1
Macatawa Bank offers multiple card solutions to ensure we best support your card based payment needs. Our card solutions allow your organization to make card payments for online purchases, travel & entertainment expenditures, supplier invoices and more.
  • Elan One Card – complete travel and purchasing card solution including robust card control, online reporting and data integration options.
  • Elan Visa Signature Company Card – a corporate liability card solution designed for corporations, LLCs and LLPs including basic card control, online reporting and rewards options.
  • Elan Visa CommUNITY Credit Card – a corporate liability card solution designed for public entities and nonprofits including basic card control, online reporting and rewards options
  • Macatawa Bank Business Debit Card – a business debit card solution with card control, online reporting and alert options.

GlobeInternational Services

In today’s global economy many organizations buy, sell and/or travel internationally. That’s why we offer a number of services to support your international needs.

  • Our Wire Transfer Services and Card Services support international/foreign currency transactions.
  • Should your international needs also include foreign currency, stop by any of our branch locations to order foreign currency.
  • If you would like to talk to one of our bankers about trade letters of credit or other international needs please fill out the form below.

1Subject to approval.

Shield with padlock on itFraud Prevention Services

Mitigate your exposure to fraud.

Financial losses from check and ACH fraud reach into the billions each year and affect organizations of all sizes. Safeguard your funds and help prevent fraud with Check and ACH Positive Pay. Through early detection of altered or counterfeit checks and unauthorized ACH debits, Macatawa Bank’s Positive Pay Services provide your organization with comprehensive fraud detection systems.

Check Positive Pay
Our secure web-based Check Positive Pay solution lets your organization electronically submit issued check files, manually input or void issued items, and make daily pay or return decisions for exceptions.

  • Online pay/return decisioning
  • Automated exception notification emails
  • Check image integration
  • Real-time teller line integration
  • Flexible check issue file formats
ACH Positive Pay
ACH Positive Pay allows you to configure transaction filters and make daily pay or return decisions for exceptions.

  • Online pay/return decisioning
  • Automated exception notification emails
  • Dollar threshold based filters

How it works

Check Positive Pay
Presented checks are compared against the check issue file you submit. Items that have already been paid, were not listed on the check issue file, or contain discrepancies from the check issue file are routed to your exception queue for review and decisioning. Automatic email alerts notify you that you have exceptions to review. The integrated check imaging makes determining the legitimacy of the check quick and easy.

ACH Positive Pay
Incoming ACH transactions are compared against the ACH filters you have established. Items that do not meet your filter requirements are routed to your exception queue for review and decisioning. Automatic email alerts notify you that you have exceptions to review. The integrated “create filter” option on the decision screen makes establishing ACH filters for new parties quick and easy.

For ways to protect your organization against additional types of fraud, please visit our Business Safe Banking Tips page or complete the form below.

Laptop Business Online Banking

Make informed decisions with timely information.

Our online banking platform provides secure access to your organization’s account information giving you convenient visibility into your banking for monitoring, research and decision making.
  • View balances and current and prior day transaction activity
  • Export data in various formats for easy reconcilement
  • Retrieve images of cleared checks
  • Access bank and analysis statements
  • Initiate stop payments
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Access and administer other banking services
  • Download our mobile app for more convenience

Payments and Disbursements Account Reconciliation

Make your have-to’s easier

Reduce reconciliation time with our enhanced online account reconciliation services. Access additional reporting such as the Check Reconciliation Summary report which displays an activity summary of newly issued checks, paid checks, and stopped/voided checks as well as the total of outstanding checks as of the reconciliation date.

Dollar sign inside of cogsSweep Services 

Streamline your daily cash management process.

Macatawa Bank’s Sweep Services automate funding transfers to streamline your daily cash positioning. These services allow your organization to avoid unnecessary overdrafts, minimize borrowings and make investment decisions more easily.

Line of Credit Sweep1
Our Line of Credit Sweep service evaluates the balance in your designated checking account at the end of each business day against a predetermined target balance. Available funds in excess of your target balance are swept to your enrolled line of credit, reducing your borrowings and lowering your interest payments. If the balance in your designated checking account is below your target balance, an advance is made on your line of credit and the funds are swept to the designated checking account. This allows your organization to fund transactions as they clear your account.

Zero Balance Accounts
Macatawa Bank’s Zero Balance Account (ZBA) service consolidates balances from one or more subsidiary accounts into a single master concentration account at the end of each business day. Zero Balance Accounts can be leveraged to segregate business activity (such as deposits, disbursements, payroll, etc.) into separate accounts without adding manual transfer requirements. With all funds consolidated into a single account, your organization is better positioned to make investment and borrowing decisions – or combine Zero Balance Accounts and our Line of Credit Sweep service to optimize your cash positioning even further. Zero balance transfer activity is easily tracked with detailed monthly account statements or via Business Online Banking.

1Subject to approval.

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