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Take advantage of higher savings rates

Are you ready to ramp up your savings?

Now is the perfect time to focus on saving for your future. Maybe you’re saving up for a down payment on a home, a tropical vacation or a new washer and dryer.

Whatever your goals, you can get there faster when you put your money to work in one of Macatawa Bank’s savings products. The rates on savings accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs) are the highest they’ve been in years.

Savings accounts.

Having money in an easily accessible savings account helps build financial stability. You can quickly access your money, making a standard savings account a convenient place to park savings for short-term goals, such as a vacation.

Money market accounts.

Money market accounts offer similar liquidity to a savings account, but your balance can earn more interest when you maintain a minimum deposit amount. Money market accounts are a good place for larger amounts that you may need to access quickly, such as an emergency fund.


CDs are a great way to earn interest over the long term. You can open a CD in a range of terms from 3 to 120 months, with longer terms earning the highest rates. Choose a term that matches the timeline of your goal so the money will be ready when you need it. Or, if you want more flexibility, open multiple CDs with different terms so you can access your savings at regular intervals. CDs are a great way to save for future goals like a down payment on a house or higher education.

Start saving today

Don’t miss the opportunity to save big! We offer many savings products that will help you reach your goals. Visit our savings options page to find out which option is best for you and open an account online or at your nearest branch location.

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