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Same Day ACH FAQs

What is Same Day ACH?

Same Day ACH refers to ACH transactions that are initiated, processed and cleared on a single business day.  Specific requirements must be met for a transaction to be processed as a Same Day ACH.

All companies and individuals are eligible to receive Same Day ACH  transactions.

Does Same Day ACH mean real time ACH?  

No.  All ACH transactions are batch processed at specific times.  Under ACH rules, effective March 19, 2021, Same Day ACH transactions are processed three times a day.  Same Day ACH transactions must be made available in your account by end of day processing1, however, we will generally post them to your account earlier (by 6:00pm ET1)

Why was Same Day ACH introduced?

Same Day ACH was introduced to expand the capabilities of the ACH Network and meet faster payment needs.

How does Same Day ACH impact me?

How Same Day ACH impacts you depends upon your specific banking services, as well as Same Day ACH plans for anyone who originates ACH transactions to/from your account. Learn more about how your Treasury Management service will be affected by Same Day ACH Business.

Can I opt out of Same Day ACH?

You may not opt out of receiving Same Day ACH transactions.  Same Day ACH has been adopted by the entire ACH network and all Financial Institutions are required to receive and process Same Day ACH transactions.  You may wish to talk to your trading partners regarding any plans they have for using Same Day ACH.  You are not required to originate Same Day ACH transactions. 

What are the benefits of Same Day ACH? 

Same Day ACH offers businesses and consumers the benefit of faster electronic payments.  Several use cases were considered by the ACH governing body NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) prior to approval of Same Day ACH.  These include:  Emergency Payroll, Expedited Bill Payment and Consumer Payments for utilities, mortgages, loans and credit cards. 

Can I originate Same Day ACH?

If you are interested in originating Same Day ACH transactions, please reach out to your Macatawa Bank Treasury Management Representative, Commercial Banker or Branch Manager.  Same Day ACH requires separate credit approval and set-up.

What do I need to do to ensure I receive eligible Same Day ACH items into my account? 

Because the Rule requires all financial institutions to receive eligible items, there is nothing additional that is required of you. 

All qualifying items will settle according to the Rules.

Are there any limits for Same Day ACH items?

Yes.  Each item is limited to $100,000 to be eligible for Same Day ACH.  In addition, International ACH Transactions (IATs) are not eligible for Same Day ACH Settlement. 

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Same Day ACH Business

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1Applies to the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii.  Effective March 19, 2021. 

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