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10 money-saving travel hacks

Try these tips to stretch your vacation budget.

  1. Book a cheap flight

    Be flexible with flight dates and consider midweek vs. weekend flights.

  2. Travel in low season

    Save money by avoiding peak season prices — you’ll also enjoy less crowded destinations!

  3. Stay for less

    Check out local rental car companies and book in advance for discounted rates.

  4. Look for deals on wheels

    Check out local rental car companies and book well in advance for discounted rates.

  5. Get around town

    Check out transportation via bus, train, ridesharing service or taxi. Find out if walking or biking will get you where you want to go.

  6. Dine on a dime

    Ask the locals where to go for dining and street food. Buy food at supermarkets to avoid paying restaurant prices.

  7. Find free fun

    Grab a travel guide or search online for free things to do — concerts, tours and activities at parks, beaches, museums and more.

  8. Shop like a local

    Avoid touristy souvenir shops and look for markets where the locals shop.

  9. Be smart with your phone

    Turn off data roaming, use free Wi-Fi and connect with loved ones using apps like Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp when traveling internationally.

  10. Pay with plastic

    Use ATMs and debit or credit cards instead of carrying cash or relying on currency exchanges. Even better — use a credit card with travel rewards and/or no foreign transaction fees.

Make the most of your travel budget

Open a special savings account to set aside money for your next trip and take advantage of one of our great credit card options that you can earn cash back with to help fund your next trip.

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