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Widow Checklist 

Widow Checklist

Helpful considerations for the recent loss of a spouse.


Employer notification

  • Update marital status on tax forms
  • Update beneficiaries on retirement plans
  • Update personal information records

Health insurance

  • Review applicable health coverage or if uninsured, apply for individual health coverage; Medicare, military health care, or employer health care.

Legal considerations

  • Obtain several copies of death certificate
  • Notify the deceased creditors
  • Review Trust documents or Wills
  • Trust: Follow the instructions in the Trust document
  • Wills: File the Will with the appropriate Probate Court
  • If no Will or Trust, contact the Probate Court for instructions or contact a Probate Attorney for guidance. 


  • Submit claims on spouse's policy
  • Individual Life Insurance policies
  • Travel Insurance policies
  • Group Life Insurance policies
  • Mortgage life insurance policies
  • Employer-based Life Insurance policies
  • Credit Life Insurance policies
  • Accidental death policies
  • Make beneficiary changes if necessary
  • Review life insurance policies for adequate coverage

Social Security / Veterans benefits

  • Report death to Social Security Administration
  • Review eligibility for survivor and/or children benefits
  • Determine the updated benefit if you are currently collecting Social Security 
  • Apply for the $255 death benefit
  • Contact the VA if you are entitled to any benefits as a Veteran

Financial considerations

  • Create a monthly budget reflecting change in income
  • Review current debt for rate, term or consolidation options
  • Evaluate housing situation
  • Retitle account ownership on Bank accounts
  • Retitle account ownership on Investment accounts
  • Review asset allocation of Investment accounts
  • Review beneficiaries on Bank accounts, Insurance polices, and Investment accounts
  • Retitle all other jointly held assets
  • Consider Social Security
  • If spouse was receiving benefits via direct deposit, funds will be retracted by SSA for the month of the death
  • If spouse was receiving benefits via check, do not cash.  Contact Social Security on where to return check. 
  • Consider Identity Theft Protection on accounts


  • See advice from an Accountant for new tax status and requirements when filing Estate taxes

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