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Rapid Shred Mobile Shredding vehicle at Macatawa Bank 

Recycling Days

Join us for our annual Recycling Days and help make a difference!

Macatawa Bank is proud to partner with our friends at Rapid Shred again to offer this secure shred service free of charge as a way to serve our communities.

Recycling Days 2019

Please bring a maximum of 5 bags of paper to shred.

All dates and locations will be 3:30pm – 5:30pm

  • Monday, April 22 - 12415 Riley Street, Holland

  • Tuesday, April 23 - 6330 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids

  • Wednesday, April 24 - 2020 Baldwin Street, Jenison

  • Thursday, April 25 - 699 East 16th Street, Holland

  • Friday, April 26 - 3191 44th Street SW, Grandville

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Recycling Days 2018 Results

Together we saved 29,385 lbs of paper!

250 trees

102,157 gallons of water

8,624 pounds of air pollution

44 cubic yards of landfill space

59,901 kilowatts of electricity

6,803 gallons of oil

Recycling Days 2017 Results

Together we saved 43,064 lbs of paper!

366 trees

149,712 gallons of water

12,639 pounds of air pollution

65 cubic yards of landfill space

87,786 kilowatts of electricity

9,969 gallons of oil

Recycling Days 2016 Results

Together we saved 22,917 lbs of paper!

195 trees

779,671 gallons of water

6,726 pounds of air pollution

34 cubic yards of landfill space

46,716 kilowatts of electricity

5,305 gallons of oil

All recycling savings information provided by Rapid Shred

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