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‚ÄčDeposits & Collections

Streamline your financial management process and stay on top of your funds.  Speed up access to available cash and reduce fraud risk.

ACH Services


Streamline payments & reduce transaction costs with electronic ACH funds transfers.  Safely and securely conduct important business payments including:  direct deposit of payroll, payment collections, tax payments and vendor payments.

Make your business banking more convenient and accessible by scheduling a pick up by courier of your business bank deposits.  Same day delivery and processing saves your business time and money.

Deposit Connect (Remote Deposit Capture)


Lockbox Services

Never leave your office and no longer wait in line to make your check deposits with Macatawa Bank's Deposit Connect remote capture service.  Easy and convenient to use, checks are electronically scanned, imaged, then transmitted to the Bank, allowing your deposited funds to start working harder for you. 

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Streamline the receivables process and gain access to your funds more quickly.   Effectively manage your accounts receivables by outsourcing your payment processing to Macatawa Bank.

Cash Processing Services

Visit any Macatawa Bank branch to take care of your cash or coin needs.  Branches can provide the flexibility your business needs to handle most of your currency and coin deposits and orders.




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