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Business Online Banking & Bill Pay 

Secure and convenient 24/7 access to manage your business.

Give your organization the ability to monitor and move funds easily and quickly at your convenience.

The Basics

  • View real-time balances and transaction history
  • View account statements and check images
  • Transfer between Macatawa Bank accounts, including payments to a business loan
  • Initiate a request for a stop payment
  • Download to Quicken, QuickBooks, MS Money or CSV format (excel)
  • Set up electronic account alerts and reminders

The Extras

  • Pay your employees electronically with direct deposit
  • Collect incoming payments electronically
  • Pay your state and federal taxes online
  • Send domestic outgoing wire transfers
  • Replace paper checks with electronic bill pay service  

Enroll for Business Online Banking & Bill Pay: 

Select one of the following ways to sign up for business online banking & bill pay:

Business Online Banking One Time Pin (OTP) FAQs

Why One Time PIN at login? How does this protect me?

OTP offers enhanced security measures by employing Out-of-Band Authentication.  That means a secondary verification method is required, through a separate communication channel along with the typical ID and password – which makes unauthorized hacking into your account much more difficult.

How is One Time PIN established for users?

The Business Online Banking Supervisor enrolls Users and establishes the ‘text me’ and ‘call me’ numbers.  If you are a Supervisor, see the One Time PIN Enrollment Instructions for further information.

I already have OTP.  Do I need to do anything?

Yes.  Please confirm the numbers on file are still accurate.  Also verify both the ‘text me’ and ‘call me’ options are enabled with corresponding phone numbers.

How many One Time PIN contact numbers can I register?

You can have one ‘text me’ and one ‘call me’ number set up.   For contingency planning, it is best to establish both a ‘text me’ and ‘call me’ number, even if they are the same phone number.

Are extensions allowed for sending a One Time PIN?

Yes, extensions are allowed for automated and direct dial extensions only.  Follow this format when setting up your phone number:  

###-###-#### ext ####

616-555-1234 ext 6789

How are changes to One Time PIN numbers made?  How are they authenticated?

Users can update their ‘text me’ and ‘call me’ numbers once their Business Online Banking Supervisor has enrolled them for both options.

To change your own One Time PIN, go to PreferencesOne Time PIN Settings.   If one number is changed, a One Time PIN must be sent to the second number on record for validation.  Alternatively, your Business Online Banking Supervisor may also change these numbers for you.

How long is the One Time PIN (OTP) valid for?

30 minutes

What happens if I don’t input my One Time PIN in time?

You can request a new One Time PIN up to 2 more times.

How many One Time PINs can I request before I am locked out?

You can request up to 3 One Time PINs before you are locked out. 

How do I unlock my login after I have exhausted all my One Time PIN requests?

Contact your Business Online Banking Supervisor or call Commercial Client Services at 616-494-1455. 

I have both ‘text me’ and ‘call me’ enabled.  How do I select which option my One Time PIN is sent to?

Select the desired option during your initial login.   Call Commercial Client Services at 616-494-1455 with questions.

What if One Time PIN reaches my voicemail?

A message will be left on your voicemail and you will have 30 minutes to input your One Time PIN from the time the PIN was requested.

What if I don’t have cell coverage?

If you have a landline established as a ‘call me’ number, select the ‘call me’ option.   If you can access a WiFi network, you may be able to use the ‘text me’ option.

Can I receive One Time PIN via text if on WiFi?

This depends on your phone carrier and WiFi settings. 

Will One Time PIN be required for Mobile Banking login?

No, a One Time PIN will not be required for Mobile Banking.  

Who do I contact for Questions regarding One Time PIN?

Contact Macatawa Bank’s Commercial Client Services at 616-494-1455.

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