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Business Online Banking FAQs 

Find answers to some of the more popular Business Online Banking questions.  

Login and enrolling

How do I enroll in Online Banking?

Please contact our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265, via the chat icon on our website or visit a branch during normal business hours. 

What if I forgot my Login ID?

Please contact your online banking supervisor or reach out to our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265, via the chat icon on our website or visit a branch during normal business hours.

I’m locked out of Business Online Banking, what can I do? 

Please contact our Customer Experience Team (link to Get help page) at (877) 820-2265, via the chat icon on our website or visit a branch during normal business hours.

Do I have to sign up for Mobile Banking?

Once you’re enrolled for Business Online Banking you automatically have access to mobile banking. Simply download the Macatawa Bank app and login using your Business Online Banking credentials.

Should I register my device? 

 If you normally use the same private device to access your online banking, registering the device will save time in future logins.  Do not register a browser if it is a public or shared computer. 

Do I have to get a Secure Access Code every time I sign into my Online Banking account?

You need a Secure Access Code (SAC) when you login for the first time or the first time from any new device.  You can choose to register your device when logging in so a SAC will not be required the next time you access from the same device unless your organization has requested that a Secure Access Code be required with every login.  If you delete cookies on a registered device/browser you will need to request another SAC.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password and your account is not locked, you can use the Forgot Your Password option in the login box to reset your password.  If you have locked yourself, please reach out to your online banking supervisor for assistance or contact our Customer Experience Team (link to Get help page) at (877) 820-2265, via the chat icon on our website or visit a branch during normal business hours.

How do I enroll in eStatements? 

To enroll in eStatements, please navigate to Statement Delivery in the menu under Settings.  You will need to verify that you can open and read a PDF and accept the Terms and Conditions.  You will be able to select which accounts you would like to receive eStatements for.

What browsers can I use to access my Online Banking?

Our Online Banking works with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. 

My contact information for Secure Access Code isn't correct what should I do?

You may update your Secure Access Code information inside of Online Banking by navigating to Security Preferences and then Secure Delivery under the Settings menu.


How do I update my contact information? 

You may update your information inside of Online Banking by navigating to the Profile page under Settings or contact our Customer Experience Team (link to Get help page) at (877) 820-2265 or via the chat icon on our website during normal business hours.

How much transaction history is available online?

There is 18 months of transactions online

Can deposit tickets be ordered through Online Banking?


Do Remote Deposit Capture users have to be Online Banking users to process deposits?


Can I use touch or face authentication to access the Macatawa Bank mobile app?

If your mobile device has a fingerprint or Face ID sensor and is operating on a supported OS version, you can log in using your fingerprint or face. You will need to set up fingerprint or face authentication on your device prior to logging in and only one fingerprint/face can be registered to an account.

For Touch ID, on the login page tap Touch ID, then Enroll Now.  On the authentication page, enter your Login ID, Password and tap Authorize, then place your finger on the home button to capture your fingerprint.

For Face ID, on the login page tap Face ID, then Enroll Now.  On the authentication page, enter your Login ID, Password and tap ok and capture your face on your phone.

Note, touch/face authentication are tied to your online banking password.  If you change your password for online banking, you will need to disable touch/face authentication and then enable it again with your new password. 

How do I see my bank statement inside of Online Banking? 

Select “Statements” under Online Services in the menu.  Once on the Statements page, select the account for which you would like to view a statement and click continue. Select a statement from the list. Then simply click Get Statement and a PDF of your statement will open. 

How do I transfer money between my Bank accounts when I’m in Online Banking? 

You can navigate to  Internal Transfers under Transactions in the menu or you can also select the Transfer Money Now link in the right hand navigation from the Home screen.  Once at the Internal Transfer page, simply select which account you would like the transfer to come from and where you would like it to be deposited.  You will select the dollar amount the frequency of the transfer and the transfer date. Once you have verified you have everything correct, simple click Transfer Funds. Online transfer History and recurring transfers can be viewed in the Activity Center.

Can I reorder checks online? 

Yes, you can place a check re-order inside of Online Banking by navigating to Reorder Business Checks located under Online Services.  For initial check orders, please call our Customer Experience Team (link to Get help page) at (877) 820-2265 or stop by the location nearest you during normal business hours. 

How do I place a Stop Payment on a check? 

To stop a payment on a check, navigate to Stop Payments under Online Services in the menu. Complete and submit the required information in the form.  You have will have the option to Stop Payment on a single check or on multiple checks in a consecutive order. For multiple checks not in consecutive order, you will need to complete and submit the single check form multiple times.   For all other stop payments such as ACH or Bill Pay, please contact our Customer Experience Team (link to Get help page) at (877) 820-2265 during normal business hours.

Can I find my entire account number in Online Banking?

Yes, when you are on the home page, click on the account card you would like to view the Account Number for.  Once your account page loads, select “Details and Settings” to see your account number.

How do I inquire about a transaction?

Look to the right of the amount of the transaction you have a question on, click the ellipsis (three vertical dots) and select “Ask a question”. A form appears that is self-populated with the transaction number.  Please include your question and any other relevant information regarding the transaction in question.  You can also include attachments in your message to us. (Note: a transaction must be posted before you can inquire about it here. To ask about a pending transaction go to "messages" and create a new message to us.) 

How do I dispute a transaction?

Please reach out to our Customer Experience Team at (877) 820-2265.

How do I export history into Quick books, Quicken or other accounting software? 

You can export transactions from the Account Transaction page to a file format that you select.  Click the export icon and then select an export format from the drop-down list.  Depending on your browser settings, the file will either automatically save to a folder or will prompt you to specify where you would like the file to be exported. 

If you would like to narrow your results, you can do so by either searching transactions or using filters.  

Currently the export feature is available in online banking, but not in the mobile app.

How do I group my accounts? 

You can use the Account Grouping feature to categorize accounts on the Home Page. If you are using a mouse, click an account card, holding the mouse button drag the card to a new location and then release the mouse button.  On a mobile device, tap a card and drag it to a new location and lift your finger to drop it in the desired location. Alternately, click the ellipsis (three vertical dots) and select "Move to", choose the dropdown and click "Save".

To create a new account group, click or tap an account card and drag it to the New Group icon that appears in the lower-right corner of the screen while a card is being moved.  When the card is dropped on the New Group icon a field appears.  Enter the name for the new group and click the check mark button to save the changes.  You can easily rename a group by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the title.  Simply edit the name and click the check mark button to save any changes.

You can set the order of your groups by clicking the ellipsis (three vertical dots) to the right of the Group Name and select "Move group up" or "Move group down".

How do I remove accounts from groups on the home page?

Simply drag the account card out of the Group.  If you remove all account cards from a group, it will ask you to confirm you want to delete the group.   

How do I hide or unhide accounts from showing on the Home page?

You can change the account visibility by visiting Account Preferences under Settings in the menu.  Click or tap the account you would like to show/hide, use the Account Visibility toggle button to change the Account Visibility.

How do I set up Alerts?  

You can set up alerts by navigating to the Alerts page located under Online Services in the menu.

What type of alerts can I set up? 

You can set up Account Alerts, History Alerts and Online Transaction Alerts.


Bill Pay

How do I setup a Bill Pay payee? 

Once logged in to Online Banking, select “Bill Pay” to enter the Payment Center, next select “Add a Company or Person” and follow the steps provided.

How do I change or cancel a payment? 

You can change a payment that has not started processing from the Bill Pay page.  Navigate to the Bill Pay area and locate the pending payments area on the right side of the screen.  Next locate the pending payment you would like to edit and click either change or cancel and follow the prompts to complete your desired change.

How do I get to Bill Pay in Online Banking?

 Navigate to Bill Pay in the menu.  This is located under Transactions.

I have other questions about Bill Pay that aren’t listed here, where can I find help?

The Bill Pay “Help Center” is a great place to learn more about our online bill payment service.  Log in to Online Banking, navigate to the Bill Pay page and select “Help Center” from the menu. If you don’t find what you need, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team (link to Get help page) at (877) 820-2265 or via the chat icon on our website during normal business hours.


ACH & Wires

Where do I approve my ACH transactions?

In the Activity Center. Transactions pending your approval will appear on your home page with a link to the Activity Center where you can review and approve the transactions.

Who can approve ACH transactions?

 Any user that has been given the Approve permission and rights to see the transaction.

What is the difference between Payroll and ACH Disbursements?

 Payroll is used for payments to individuals only. ACH Disbursements allows for payments to individuals (choose PPD) or to businesses (choose CCD). Our user guide outlines the difference for payments to individuals in more detail but mainly Payroll allows for payment splits to multiple accounts where ACH Disbursements does not allow splits.

Can an employee have their direct deposit made into multiple accounts?

 Yes, up to 3 accounts total.

When sending a file, do I need to provide the transmittal information?

 Yes, via fax or email.

Can I create a template for wires I send frequently? 


Can an alert be set up to automatically be sent to the secondary approval user when an ACH is issued? 

The drafting user selects which approver(s) receive notification at the time the payment is drafted. They can also request a notification for themselves to confirm when the transaction is approved.

How far in advance can I initiate an ACH transaction?

There is no limit to the time frame in which payments can be setup in advance

Can I set up recurring ACH transactions?  If so, in what frequency (weekly, monthly, first Friday, every other Wednesday, specific date, etc.)? 

Yes. 1st of the month, last day of the month, 1st and 15th of the month, 15th and last day of the month, daily (Monday – Friday), weekly, every other week, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and yearly

Where do I find my ACH Returns and Notifications of Change?

ACH Returns and NOCs can be found under the Commercial menu. From there select ACH Reporting Files

How do I access International Wires?

International Wires can be found under the Commercial menu of Business Online Banking. International Wires can only be accessed through online banking.


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