Mooolah® Kids Club by Macatawa Bank

Do you know any kids who are ready to learn more about keeping track of their money?

Saving, sharing, and spending are all part of managing money, and Mooolah® Kids Club members can learn these important concepts in a new and exciting way. Macatawa Bank cares about kids’ financial futures, and we know it’s important to start teaching the basics early on. Together we can help kids learn about managing money by teaching the essential concepts of saving, sharing, and spending.

It’s easy to become a Mooolah® Kids Club member. All kids need is a Macatawa Bank Minor Savings Account, and they can start learning good money management today!

Click on the links to the left, where you’ll find even more information on this exciting program. You can also stop by any Macatawa Bank branch, call 1.888.92.SWITCH or email us at


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