What is Popmoney®?

You can use Popmoney to pay anyone you know or owe – it’s the easiest way to send
& receive money directly from your Macatawa Bank account.

Who can use Popmoney®?

Any Macatawa Bank Personal Online Banking & Bill Pay customer.

What do I need to know to pay someone?

All you need is the recipients email address or mobile phone number.

Is it secure?

Confidential personal information is not included in the emails or text messages. If
they were intercepted by a third party, the information contained would be of no use
to the fraudster since it requires the recipient to authenticate themselves through
Popmoney or their online banking site in order to collect the funds.

How do I send money using Popmoney?

1. Login to your personal online banking account at www.macatawabank.com.
2. Select the Popmoney tab in the right hand corner of the Bill Payment box.
3. Select an existing recipient and enter the amount of the payment or add someone
new by entering the recipients first/last name and email address or mobile phone
4. Select the “Send Money” button.
5. The recipient receives an email or text with a personal greeting from the sender.
6. If the recipients financial institution is in the Popmoney network, they use their
online banking to accept the payment. If not, they indicate to Popmoney.com
where to deposit the money.
7. The money moves directly from your Macatawa Bank account to the recipient’s
bank account.

To learn more about the additional features of the Popmoney service please visit the
Online Education Center.

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