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Business Borrowing

With a commitment to local decision making and a group of lending personnel that are highly experienced and dedicated to helping you grow, Macatawa Bank sets itself apart from the rest.  We're here to help you choose the right products and services to meet the needs of your business.

Line of Credit

Term Loans
A line of credit can give your business peace of mind knowing that you have readily available funds to finance periodic borrowing needs.  Borrow against the line of credit up to your credit limit for short-term cash flow needs and then pay it back as cash flow allows.  Lines of credit are typically used to manage the uneven pace of cash flows, such as receivable collections or seasonal inventory needs.
Term Loans offer a specific amount of long-term financing for investments in new equipment or expansion of your business.  These loans give your business set repayment terms over a certain period of time.

Commercial Mortgages

SBA Financing
A commercial mortgage is appropriate for those businesses looking to purchase the real estate from which they operate, refinance or expand their facilities, or invest in other real estate opportunities. We offer a variety of financing and repayment options for these loans.
Macatawa Bank works closely with the US Small Business Administration to provide unique financing solutions to businesses with attractive rates and terms.  An example of this is the 504 Loan Program, where a business owner can borrow from both the Bank and the SBA to purchase their operating facility or new equipment with a low down payment and very attractive long term fixed interest rates.

Dealer Floor Plan Financing

Transportation & Equipment Financing
Macatawa Bank offers dealer floor plan financing to a wide array of dealerships.  Our commercial lending professionals are well versed and experienced in many industries.  Most importantly, we have local based decision making and are committed to exceeding your expectations in every aspect of dealer floor plan financing.  We align ourselves with our customers, as partners, to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives when it comes to Dealer Floor Plan financing.
Our commercial lending staff is highly seasoned and experienced in a wide variety of transportation and equipment financing industries.  We have developed over the years a reputation as one of the premier banks in West Michigan for the transportation and equipment lending fields.  Our employees are empowered to make local decisions so you can get approvals in a timely manner on your next purchase of transportation or heavy equipment.

Agricultural Loans

Equipment Leasing
Macatawa Bank provides loans to all types of agricultural entities.  Common loan structures include seasonal operating lines of credit for crops, intermediate term loans for equipment or livestock and long term loans for agricultural real estate.
Macatawa Bank works with an approved third party,  Synergy Resources, to provide equipment leases to customers.  Most types of equipment are eligible, and it is common to use this program for more specialized pieces such as medical/dental and technology equipment.  Benefits of this program include financing up to 100% of cost, a simple application and a fast credit decision.
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