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Payments & Disbursements

Control how & when cash moves out of your companies accounts.  We'll help you track  and manage your accounts and time your payments.

ACH Services

One Card Purchasing Card

Streamline payments & reduce transaction costs with electronic ACH funds transfers.  Safely and securely conduct important business payments including: direct deposit of payroll, payment collections, tax payments and vendor payments.

Consolidate and manage all of your credit card programs with one process, one card issuer, and one monthly invoice.  With a single card account that combines travel & entertainment, procurement and fleet features for simplified management and maximized savings, our MasterCard® One Card Solution allows your business to control and efficiently manage corporate expenses.

Wire Transfers

Account Reconciliation
Quickly and easily originate one-time or recurring domestic and international wire transfers via our secure online banking service options.

Reduce transaction account balancing time with our online account reconciliation services.  Access deposit activity, electronic transactions, paid & outstanding check transactions at your convenience.

International Services

Macatawa Bank's online International Payment Desk offers you the ability to get real-time quotes and to initiate wires with the click of a mouse.  This web-based application allows you to conduct quick, secure, and efficient international transactions.